No products are showing on the front-end after magento version upgrade

products not showing in magento

In one of the recent version upgrade of magento I faced the issue that it was not showing the products on the front-end and showing the error “There are no products matching the selection”. The issue was also that the products were visible to the logged in users but not visible to guest users.

So here I have summarized few things which I did to fix the issue. Please check and follow it if you have the same issue.

First of all open the database table “customer_group” via phpmyadmin. The thing which affects the error is mainly due to a bug in this table. You will see that the customer_group_id column for NOT LOGGED IN is set to 4 , while it should be 0 . So, just edit that and make it 0. So, final view looks like this,

Now Goto System > Configuration > Inventory > Manage Stock and select it as “NO” and keep “SHOW OUT OF STOCK PRODUCTS” as “YES”.

Please REINDEX DATA from Index Management.

Goto System > Cache Management and refresh all caches there and flush the whole cache storage there.

You should be able to view all of your products now.


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