Best Magento Extensions for your eCommerce store by Hiremagentodeveloper

We present you some of the best featured Magento Extensions for your Magento eCommerce store that can help your business gain more traffic and grow by leaps and bounds.

Seller Group

This Magento extension allows user can add product from the front-end, sell it and gain profit from it.

Seller Group

Detail Description:

- User can add the product, sell it from the front-end. Both the user and the owner of the site can gain profit.

- User can be a buyer or a seller at the same time.

- User can request the earned money from the site.

Manage Coupon Code

Products are added to the cart via coupon code. Each coupon is organized into groups. The hierarchy for these groups would be Publisher=>Campaign=>Coupon.

Mange Coupon Code

Detailed Description:

- Products are added to the cart via coupon code, all such items are treated as package. User will not be able to remove the items or change the actual items to or from the “Package”.

- If the user removes the coupon then the items would be removed. If they do change the items, the coupon will be cancelled automatically.

- You have an additional feature of custom shipping method from the admin-panel.

Sale staff frontend editor

This Magento extension allows sales staff to view the products and its attribute on frontend from admin-panel.

Sale staff frontend editor

Detailed Description:

- This extension has a feature that if admin does not want to give access to their sales staff, they can view the products and its attributes from admin-panel

- All attributes which are set “yes” for the option “Visible on Sales staff Front-end” will be visible to your sales/any department.

Add Product Comment Extension

With the help of this extension, Customer can comment or give feedbacks regarding a particular product from the view page.

Detailed Description:

• The comment box is added on the product. Customer can add more than one comment for one product.

• Admin can view the list of comments by the customer for a particular product. Admin can delete the product comments from admin panel.

• Only a registered customer can add the comments on the product view page.

• Not logged in customer also can view the list of product comments. All comments should be listed below the comment box with date and month.

Token Module Extension

This extension allows a customer to get a token on the purchase of a product and if he earns more than 5 tokens, the cart subtotal will be reduced to some percentage as specified by the store owner.


The list of magento extension development mentioned in this blog would be helpful to most of the ecommerce store owners as these are some of the rare breed and come up with excellent features.

We provide magento extensions for Blog, Social connect, Google connect, RSS, drop shipping, payment gateway and many more. Search engine optimization extensions can help your shopping site reach the peak in search rankings without hiring a SEO service. We create out-of-the-box extensions which help your Magento eCommerce shop to be more effective and drive customer attention that increase the sales volume. Get in touch with us for creating custom Magento extension for your eStore.

We welcome any questions and would love to hear any feedback in the comment area below.

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  1. Surbhi Sheth

    August 7, 2013

    Magento is well known and getting used many companies, it just simply helps eCommerce stores to grow online by its amazing magento extension development and modules. Magento extensions and modules for processing payment methods of major banks and financial organizations.

    • I totally agree with you, Surbhi and I would like to add that Magento is the top choice in today’s date for creating an eCommerce store to make online sales and receive payment through credit cards. I hope that this piece of information was useful to you. Do you own an eCommerce site that uses such extension mentioned in the blog?

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