Magento SMS Notifications API Advantages For Ecommerce Stores

Magento SMS Notification

When you purchase some item online, wouldn’t you want SMS notifications about order confirmation, shipping, tracking, and other important confirmations. You would be delighted to receive notifications about the tracking of your order. Isn’t it?

SMS notifications play a major role in the ecommerce industry these days. Ecommerce retailers can send SMS notifications to the customers and potential clients and increase the level of customer service. Ecommerce giants send SMS or texts to the mobile devices of their customers for all the notifications about their orders, current promotions, or offers. SMS notifications are an effective way to interact with your customers and administrators quickly and directly.

If you own a Magento online store, you may need to send SMS to your users on a regular basis. Magento SMS integration helps you improve your online store’s customer experience. If the customer makes a purchase and the payment is made, the customers get SMS about order confirmation and this increases their trust in your brand. Sending text messages to the customers with the shipment details helps them track their orders better.

What can be attained with SMS API?

SMS API is the programming software that permits you to send and receive your own customized SMS. A SMS API is a well outlined software system interface that allows code to send SMS through a Short Message Service Gateway.

Why E-commerce platform demands SMS feature?

Notifying the users through SMS assures that information is efficiently transmitted and that your customers are informed more quickly, especially those who do not have persistent access to the Internet and emails. In contrast to an e-mail that can be considered SPAM, SMS are always delivered to the receivers. Some customers receive hundreds of emails every day to their mailbox and can easily fail to notice your emails. SMS are mostly read by the recipients.

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Functions of SMS API

  • When the order is placed, an admin and customer receive the SMS notifications.
  • Customers get notified by SMS if the order is cancelled.
  • If the order is placed, SMS notification with order ID informs customer that the order is placed successfully.
  • If the order status changes to shipping, customers receive a SMS notification such as Order shipped with tracking number and the name of the shipping provider.
  • If the order status changes to delivery, customers will receive a SMS notification like Order delivered successfully.

SMS API Benefits with Magento:

API configuration:

Configure the API settings by registering with the SMS Gateway to receive the sender ID, API key and URL and select the customer message type.

Notify using SMS:

Customize SMS text for different notifications such as order placement, order invoice, order cancellation, order shipment, credit memo generation, contact inquiry and registration of the website.
To send SMS notifications, use the default Magento registration and guest checkout form to collect customer mobile numbers.
Once the mobile number is registered with the Magento store, SMS notification is sent for each activity.

Customer Notify:

Update customers using the Magento store with an SMS about activities such as order placement, cancellation, invoice generation and so forth.

Admin Notify:

Admin can also receive SMS notification from the backend for various customer activities.

Instant SMS:

Build customer confidence and improve user experience by sending users instant SMS notifications.

Bulk SMS:

Admin can send bulk SMS securely and easily through a CSV file. Send SMS to your users about the latest offers and promotions run on your store.

Multi Store: SMS API gives Multi Store support.

The majority of people prefer receiving SMS over emails for marketing purpose. Studies show that SMS have a higher read and response rate. So, what are you waiting for? Improve user experience and build trust among the users with SMS notifications for your Magento 2 store. You can hire expert Magento developers from us if you are looking for enhancements of your store.

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