Things you should know about Magento as an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

If you want to launch your ecommerce store, Magento can be a good choice. Magento Commerce is a growing field these days. The platform accounts to be used by 100,000 ecommerce websites, which is almost 32% of the websites over the internet globally.

Mid-sized and large brands continue to experience fierce competition nowadays and so, they look for new ways to stand out. If you are planning to build Magento ecommerce website, this is the right post for you.

Magento Opensource vs. Magento Commerce

Before investing in Magento ecommerce, enterprises should know the different between different options offered by the platform.

Magento Opensource: It was known as Magento Community previously. This is the free version of Magento that can be downloaded and customized for building online web stores.

Magento Commerce: Formerly called Magento Commerce, it has two versions: Magento Enterprise and Magento Enterprise Cloud. Magento Commerce is a premium version of Magento Opensource and includes cloud-hosting also.

Magento Opensource is available for the users for free. This open source platform can help the developers and users extend the platform as per their requirements. Opensource users can download themes and extensions to add the required features and functionality to the websites. As this platform is supported by a huge community, it is a popular choice of several programmers and users.

Magento Commerce is the premium version of the platform with prices starting from $22,000 annually. If your company’s Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) is greater than $1 Million, then the fees for Magento Commerce may increase.

Our Magento development services offers more functionality including reward programs, advanced marketing features, and targeted promotions. You also get 24 X 7 support from the technical team to help you if you are stuck with the development of online stores.

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You can choose between on-premise and cloud-hosted solution while building an ecommerce store with Magento Commerce. Though cloud-hosted solution carries a hefty price, it helps you enjoy the benefits of a SaaS eCommerce solution.

Are you planning to build an online store? Contact Magento developers and get outstanding solutions.

Magento Commerce has a few drawbacks also. Hence, enterprises should consider all the pros and cons of Magento Commerce.

We have listed some of the important factors one should consider before opting for Magento for an enterprise ecommerce platform.

1. Ongoing costs

You should be well aware of the additional costs you may have to pay for your Magento store. Even if you choose Magento Opensource, you may have to look for developers for development, updates, and integration of your website from time to time. These can also be considered as the hidden costs of an on-premise website.

Magento rolls out patches and security updates and you may have to install those updates manually. It may not be an easy task for a layman. You may need some support for installing and managing those updates. So make sure that you hire experienced certified Magento developers for managing such updates.

2. Open Source Platform

Being an open source platform, Magento offers great flexibility to the users and developers. Having a highly-customized back-end may not be easy to manage. If you wish to migrate or re-platform your website, you can have a tough time. If you use custom extensions and theme, you may be at risk of breaking your entire ecommerce environment.

You can look for an expert Magento eCommerce development company to help you with custom ecommerce website solutions. Opting for closed source enterprise can be a good option when it comes to security.

3. Not for IoT era

As more and more IoT devices emerge, merchants may look for selling their products on the newest channels. You need a good commerce platform for delivering products, content, and assets on smartwatches, digital signage, and Amazon Echos. Though Magento Commerce has APIs to deliver content across different channels, it may not be able to manage the bran’s omnichannel strategy. Inconsistent experience can turn off your customers and you may be losing a lot of business.

It is advisable to hire experienced Magento developers for building your online website. Magento 2 is a user-friendly ecommerce solution for businesses of all the sizes. This feature intensive platform is considered to be a cost efficient solution for ecommerce web stores.

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