Top 5 Magento 2 Extensions For Ecommerce Stores

Magento 2 Extensions For Ecommerce Stores

Do you want to boost the performance of your Magento 2 store?

Are you looking for adding new functionalities to your ecommerce website?

Yes, it’s possible with best Magento 2 extensions.

Being an open source CMS platform, Magento is used for ecommerce website development. It is a reliable and stable platform that is used to build online stores for small and large businesses. This extensive platform is used by Magento developers to build feature-rich web stores and ecommerce portals. Most of the merchants notice an increase in sales upto 80% when they choose Magento for building their ecommerce sites.

Magento platform offers a wide range of extensions to add the desired functionality to the ecommerce store. Such extensions are available for free while some others are paid ones. When it comes to customer satisfaction in the ecommerce industry, order fulfillment and shipping are the most important factors that affect the success of an online website. Fulfilling the customers’ high expectations is an important parameter that has a huge impact on the ecommerce industry. Once your website receives an order, it should be fulfilled quickly to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Magento 2 offers a wide range of extensions for adding the desired functionality to the store. You can choose free or paid extensions and also customize the extensions as you may want.

Here are some of the most popular extensions that can help your business grow:

Cancel Order Magento 2 Extension

Sometimes, customers want to cancel their orders. This extension allows the users to cancel the orders and a notification is sent to the website owner so that the item is not shipped. If customer has placed an order by mistake or they do not need the products any more, they are free to cancel it directly from the website. Cancel Order Magento 2 Extension makes the order cancelation process easier for the users as well as ecommerce website owners.

Multiline Discount Magento 2 Extension

This extension is used to display discount on separate line. Admin can create the discount offers and promotion rules. As the users add the items to their cart, they can see the cumulative discount. It means that the promotion and discount can be viewed on the shopping cart page. Invoice is emailed to the customers with all the detailed information about the discount and promotions. This Magento 2 extension makes it easier for the customers to view the breakup of the total discount provided.

Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension

If you want to add a smooth navigation to your website, you should definitely install Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension. Users can reach any page with just one single click. This is the best plugin for websites that have hundreds and thousands of pages. The admin can drag and drop menu and items and all the information would be shown keeping the website speed stable.

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Product Inquiry Magneto 2 Extension

Customers may have some queries about the products and so, they would want to contact you to get the information. Product Inquiry Magneto 2 Extension helps the customers to make an inquiry about a product from the product page itself. Whether the user is registered on your ecommerce store or unregistered, he/she can send the inquiry. The admin will receive an email about the inquiry and he can provide answers to customers’ doubts.

Customer Attribute Magento 2 Extension

Ecommerce website owners need to manage the customer attributes such as text fields, text area, multiple select, and date field. Customer Attribute Magento 2 Extension helps website owners add unlimited number of attributes and conduct effective customer segmentation.

You can seek help from the best Magento development services providing company to help you pick the right extensions and add the desired features to your eCommerce store. We have a team of expert certified Magento 2 developers who can customize the extensions and add the right features that you need. No matter what your requirements may be, you can be assured that you would get the best solutions from us.

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