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We are a Web Development Company and based on our decade long experience with the market; we have framed our Terms for the Use of Services that includes some important points for both of us.

We value your privacy and trust

We have a web host’s technical support team for troubleshooting. We may not be able to assist in bad coding practice or programming faults used by the customer in their scripts, which may result in any problem or errors in their website. We request our clients to understand that we as a reseller need to the entire bank on them for offering any technical support and they may perhaps or may not be able to crack the client’s technical errors. We as a reseller are not responsible for anything, hence any claims made by clients regarding any technical problems will be considered invalid.

We are not responsible if the server network in the USA or any other respective nation counters any problem or performs low due to downtime caused either by hacking or spamming or server or any hardware breakdown. Being outsourcing company located in India is a reseller, we do not operate, control or interfere in any of these factors, hence clients cannot state us responsible for any downtime if at all occurred or any other problem or error faced by the client or the client’s website and hence we are NOT responsible for any kind of damages. Hence, the client absolutely cannot make any claims for Whatsoever reasons from us.

Our clients need to accept the fact that we are only a reseller in the company and maintain the dedicated servers at the Data Centres. Respective companies offer us complete technical support, hence if any action at all is estimated appropriate by that company which guarantees protection of their services is valid. Our clients entirely cannot blame us for anything and cannot make any claims from us. The client needs to understand that like every other business, web hosting carries its risks and there may be enormous reasons for the downtime of the website. We only as a Reseller of the web host or the company that manages the dedicated servers at the data center do not control any of these and are not responsible for anything.

The Client understands the risk and cannot hold us responsible for anything and cannot make any claims from us at any point in time. Also, as India-based reseller of related web hosts, we cannot validate or confirm the software’s or digital certificates installed either by the web host or by the client on his/her site. We are not responsible for any damages; hence, clients or any visitors to the website cannot hold us responsible for any damages and errors related to it. We request our clients to understand that we, as a reseller, need the entire bank in a web host that maintains the servers at the data center for providing the services & supports mentioned by them. We do completely NOT control any technological fault or any fault in any support offered or the support being ended because of technological causes.

We are a reseller and do not control or interfere with any of these. Therefore, clients cannot blame us and cannot claim any damages from us. Clients need to value the fact that we are NOT responsible for it. Regarding any domain name registrations processed via our company (let it be any domain name extension) we state, we register these domains through a reseller of an ICANN official registrant. This makes us resellers of that reseller; hence, we hold NO authority on the registered domain and it is solely the client’s responsibility to manage their domain entries.

In any case, such damage or loss of domain name to any other party or anything related to the domain registration/domain transfer/domain renewal/loss of a domain name is not our liability and we are not responsible for any damages the client may face regarding domain names. It is on the part of clients to handle and crosscheck whether domain entries are accurate or domain renewal date is truthful or domain shift or anything about the domain name. In case the client faces any faults in domain entries, he can contact us within 3 months from the date of registration so that we can inform that company and force them to immediately look into it.

If at the time of domain registration no contact details are provided, then by default, domain name entries are kept blank or we count our domain name administrator’s name. Clients have the authority to alter their respective entries at any point of time directly via their domain main management panel. Our clients need to understand that we are only a reseller and transfer the domain name registration to another company; we cannot be held responsible for any errors as we hold no control over the domain name. The client must keep watch and maintain a constant check on Registrant/ Tech/ Billing/ Admin/ DNS/ Renewal Date/ Transfer are correct or not and also manage them.

We are a reseller; hence client cannot blame us for anything damages and faults related to the domain name from us. We clearly announce that domain name management and handling is entirely the job of the client and not ours. We are a reseller and not a domain registration company; hence, clients cannot claim any domain management services from us nor they can make claims at the time of errors or damages. It's the client’s responsibility to maintain the privacy of their FTP or database or email details and keep secure with them. We are not at all responsible for any problems, damages, or errors related to the website domain name.

Clients can make absolutely no claims from us. On the subject of any online payment/transaction, if made on our website or accepted on our website, we noticeably declare we simply use 3rd party extremely safe, and reliable merchant accounts such as,,,, etc. Client or visitor who have made the payment will be charged by this third party merchant account and only this retailer charges their credit card and accepts their payment. At the time of receiving payment, we are offered only with the client’s contact details and services selected. Third-party merchant accounts are non-partial and work for everyone’s welfare. Same as you, we are to the client of this service provider and use their service.

The entire process of payment is operated and handled by this highly safe and trustworthy third-party merchant's account. We do not receive any sensitive information such as your credit card number, password, hence we are not responsible for any kind of damages. In such a case, the client cannot make any damage claim. The client interested in our services has to make payment via DD (Demand Draft) or cheque only. According to company policies, the hard copy of the client’s invoice will be posted within 4-6 weeks from the setup date. The client should include ONLY this hard copy of the invoice posted by us as the final copy & only this hard copy can be used for any future reference. Any electronic invoice (or soft copy) IF at all ever send CANNOT be ever used or produced as any legal proof or evidence against us since it can be easily altered or doctored or changed and saved by anyone as any file extension or the same file and an invalid printout of the altered or doctored or changed files can be taken by anyone.

Therefore any such electronic invoice or soft copy will be considered invalid and any printout of any such e-invoices will be counted as fake and invalid. Such electronic invoice or soft copy will not be considered as legal proof or evidence whatsoever. Only the hard copy of the client’s invoice posted by us to you via Postal Services will be considered valid.

We are positive with our policy statements and hope these are equally helpful to you as well. With this policy statement, we are trying to clarify the obligations of internet users, counting our clients, as they are responsible members of the business community and us. We try our best to make our clients' hosting experience better and more secure.

Clients are not allowed to have any commercially existing software, fixes, patches, or electronic media for download on your site. If found so, we reserve the right to terminate service at any time. For example – NO download sites. Since our inception as a web development company, we framed this policy and we request our clients to follow each of them and act as a responsible member of our family. At any point in time, we reserve the right to alter and update our Terms of Service Use page, without any or dull notification.

In case we find any of our clients violating any terms of service use, we reserve the right to terminate your service without refund. In case of any complaint or doubts or for any clarifications, do mail us at and we promise to sort out issues with the best possible solutions in the limited time frame. We are here to help you and consider you as a part of our family. We will never hurt your interest in ours.

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