With New Updates, Magento Connect Improves Transparency and Quality of Its Marketplace

Magento Connect Improves Transparency and Quality of Its Marketplace

To ensure more quality and transparency, Magento Connect Marketplace is cleaned and introduced with awesome architect to help merchants and developers find easily what they are actually looking for. The newly introduced marketplace counts on rating and review system, new categories for themes and many more other features to simply the use of Magento marketplace.

Newly introduced grading system for extensions will assist users in deciding about the forthcoming importance and benefits of extensions. Especially for Magento Enterprise Edition there are more than 500 extensions but all were admitted without any verification. This ultimately raised the confusions and problems such as duplicate extension, un-supporting version of extensions, extensions with vulnerabilities and many similar. With new updates and features into act, submitted extensions will have to match quality criteria framed by Magento Connect. Here are updates by Magento Connect for Marketplace:

Newly Introduced Quality Criteria

With firm determination to eradicate all the weakness and grimes from marketplace, Magento connect has framed new extension quality guidelines restrict uncontrolled upload of extensions. Older quality criteria will be replaced by the new one, hence for now every extensions must meet new extension quality criteria.

For Transparency, Rating and Review System

With newly introduced, Rating and Review system, merchants can easily identify the usefulness, value and prospect of an extension. This feature is designed keeping in mind marketers and developers who can hint the quality and usefulness of the extension in highly balanced manner. Now, it’s easy for developers to promote their extensions on the bases of rating and reviews.

  • How to use of the new “Ratings & Reviews” system:
  • Always stay alert to Additional Ratings
  • Pay Attention to Positive as well as Negative Reviews
  • Don’t Forget to Browse Q and A Section
  • Understand and Act according to “Popularity Score”

Elimination of Extensions

According to this new update, all the useless and outdated extensions will be eliminated from the marketplace. News concluded that extension that are neither updated nor downloaded since long will have to say good bye. Such type of extensions created problem to marketers and also to marketplace. By removing these extensions, Magento connect wants to make sure that the marketplace highlights on latest and quality extensions. From now onwards extension developers need to make sure that their submitted extensions are meeting new quality control requirements or not.

New Categories for Theme

16 new theme categories are added to marketplace to simply the search. Now merchants can easily find theme matching their business category and not only that, Theme developer can showcase themes to relevant categories for more visibility.

Powering more than 150,000 businesses around the world and owning the crown of world’s best eCommerce platform, Magento desperately needed to increase the transparency and quality of its marketplace. Let’s hope these new features helps Magento grow even more and perform better. Please, put down your valuable thoughts and feedback about the same.

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