How to show more relevant search result in magento?

more relevant search result in magento

It is necessary to show the exact and accurate result of the products when any user search on our website in the eCommerce, which increases more interests of users to our catalog.

The default Magento search feature gets the search results having the same search keyword in other products description or in any other attribute product attribute.

How to overcome this issue?

You just need to set the following configuration from admin panel.

  1. Login to admin panel.
  2. Go to Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes.
  3. Search and select the attribute to edit.
  4. Go to Properties -> Frontend Properties.
  5. Select the “Use in Quick Search” and “Use in Advanced Search” to “No”.
  6. Save the Attribute.
  7. Reindex the “Product Flat Data” and “Catalog Search Index”.

Note: You have to follow and repeat the same steps listed above for each attribute which you don’t want to include in the search criteria. In general cases, the short and long description attributes of the products have the same search keywords which match with more than once products and the search result gets affected using it.

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