Hiremagentodeveloper launches new Magento Plan- Win-Win Situation for Any Business

Plan and price

Hirewmagentodeveloper is positioning to become the leading Magento service provider in offering online merchants and consumers an easy and hassle free way to return merchandise purchased online.

eCommerce continues to accelerate and there is no way it can be stopped. The amount of money that is being spent on the online purchases of different products shows no sign of decline in the graph. The Company has introduced a new Magento eCommerce plan which makes it easy and cost-effective for new promising entrepreneurs and small or big size business owners to launch their online web store in just a matter of days.

Money is no More an Obstacle to Success

The major concern with some of the companies is their high overheads and huge costs that they have to take into consideration when deciding the cost of their goods or services. Hiremagentodeveloper’s approach is totally different as we take into consideration that quality does not have to cost the earth and that not all companies who are about to kick-start have endless supply of cash.

Using the first mover advantage, Hiremagentodeveloper has created a new eCommerce start up plan. Here is what the CEO of the company had to say   The reason for launching this new start up plan is that we do not want MONEY to be a major obstacle coming in the way of success of a young and promising business man. It’s not just for first time entrepreneurs but is also great for any kind of big and small businesses who have been around for a while but require a better check on their cash flow. A small deposit followed by regular monthly payment that is interest free would easily help businesses to achieve their goals and along with this comes the satisfaction in knowing they are getting what they want at a very comprehensive price.

Short Overview About the New Magento eCommerce start-up plan

The Magento plan is divided into three sections:

Magento Classic Plan:

This is best suited for first timers. By paying just $900 in the beginning you can immediately begin the work of developing your dream web store integrated with latest Magento platform features to get yourself a multifunctional and upgradeable online store.

Magento Premium Plan:

For businesses that have been around for a while can take the advantage of this plan by paying just $1400 in the beginning that helps you migrating an existing online store to a feature rich and stable Magento platform.

Customize Magento Plan:

If you want an exclusive online store that is integrated with unique and power store features, the price will depend on the store features and size. Then you will be given an accurate price as per your sophisticated functional requirements.

“Each magento ecommerce plan also includes FREE SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE Services for 90 days. This cannot get any better as you are saved with a huge sum of money in your pockets.”

Golden Opportunity for all business- Grab it now!

Magento development is becoming the best way to earn money online and most of the companies are going online to offer customers a better and hassle-free experience to shop goods and services. We are very much sure that you would not want to be left behind in this eCommerce world.

Make your today the day to begin the goal of achieving online sales. The Magento Plan and Price section is covered with each and every detail or else if you have made up your mind to achieve your goals you can get in to direct discussion with our experts by contacting us. We will be happy to hear about your ideas and advise what the best can work for you.

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