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Whole new online store development for Custom T-Shirt

Our expert magento developers built store from scratch and delivered the whole new feature rich t-shirt making store with easy navigation

  • Domain Online Jerseys Store
  • Market USA
  • Duration 3 months & 2 weeks
  • Services Magento store development, extension development, payment gateway integration, support and maintenance
  • Technologies Magento and PHP
  • Team Project manager, front end developer, back end developer, UI/UX designer, QA
About The Project

Online Marketplace for Custom T-shirt

Custom T-Shirt building platform with flexible requirements for US based customers.

Atomic Archer Jerseys is a trusted online custom t-shirt building platform for US based customers where customers can craft their own choice of t-shirt design, color, size, features and more and order accordingly.

The niche of the store is to sell only Jerseys online within the boundaries of USA and across the Globe. It has many options in jerseys like Short sleeve jersey, Hooded jersey, Long sleeve jersey, and much much more can be found on visit

Our 5 member team worked for 3 months and 2 weeks to create all new niche based online market place based on PHP and Magento Frame work. It was a challenge but our developers took it as an opportunity and worked hard on the backend, frontend along with maintenance.

The online store developed by Hire Magento Developer as per the clients requirement with the following features:

Key Features
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  1. Team Roster Builder
  2. Custom Products Builder (Jerseys)
  3. Brand Apparel
  4. Quick Quote tool
  5. Cancel Order Feature
  6. Advance Custom Option
  7. Image Gallery
  8. Customized Theme Template
  9. Customized email with T-shirt builder
  10. Mobile Optimized website
  11. Share product design link on facebook
Other Features
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  1. Swap product color and size
  2. Multiple product customization options
  3. Preview customized design
  4. Save customized design preview
  5. Share customized design
  6. Support multi-store
  7. Editable product design pattern
  8. Save customized design to my account
  9. Design templates management


Client came to us with a very unique concept which no one had till the delivery of the project. He wanted to offer his customer a never forgetting experience where his customer can play their own. He wanted to give a platform where customers can design t-shirt as per their desire, of their own size, logo, color, pattern etc.

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  • Save and share products after building up the products
  • Repopulate the products on the front end when the user wants to buy the design of his customized products
  • Swap products color, size and design
  • Supporting the SVG image format
  • Roster tool
  • T-shirt builder
  • Quick quote tool
  • Cancel order feature from the backend

How we work

  • We have created the T-shirt builder using advanced custom option for product size, logo, and color and provided an option to share those designs via emails on the cart page
  • We have built up the Roster tool with email temple that includes basic crudoperation.
  • We have provided Brand Management feature with product assignment.
  • Quick quote feature has the ability to help users view the estimation with all information of the roaster form.
  • Cancel order option available for the users.