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Fine-tuning the online market place for electronic products

Electronic expeditors experienced improved performance, enhanced security and recorded 25% increase in sales with the migration services delivered by hire magento developer.

  • Domain Electronic expeditors
  • Market USA
  • Duration
  • Services Magento 1 to magento 2 migration, market place integration, Website theme development and integration, custom extension development
  • Technologies Magento 2
  • Team Project manager, Front end developer, Back end developer, Designer, SEO expert
About The Project

An online marketplace for electronic products

Electronic Expeditors (EE), established in 1953, is the leading company in US specialized in the sales and distribution of electronic components, tools, and systems sourced from industry-leading brands. They deliver customized solutions for any project and believes in that there is no one solution for any problem but every problem has a different solution.

EE is known of making and distributing passive electronic and electro-machanical component parts. They serve Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Electronic Contract Manufacturers (ECMs), and Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs).

We built, shipped the expectation of our client

Key Features
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  1. Call for price extension
  2. Follow up customers with fully automated emails
  3. Quotable products
  4. Live chat feature
  5. Credit line payment option for wholesaler customer group
  6. Magento 1 to Magento 2 data migration
  7. Magento Up-gradation
Other Features
Formula 1 racer buckling up
  1. Credit line payment option for wholesaler customer group
  2. Easy and simple website workflow
  3. Website theme integration
  4. Mobile switch facility and SEO friendly website
  5. Performance Optimization
  6. Full page cache functionality


Electronic expeditors approached us to upgrade his existing website from magento 1 to magento 2. Client had a condition that upgradation should be performed without disturbing the active operations of the website and without losing data.

Client wanted fully responsive website to all screens with modern design resembling with the additional payment method for the wholesellers.

98% of the developers consider it as a challenge but i-Verve developers consider it as an opportunity.

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  • Developer should make a module that allows the wholesellers group a different payment method called credit line
  • Add a new section to the customer group admin page
  • allow admin to define payment options for the customer group

Our insight in this case

We decided to create the app where making an order should be as simple as a few clicks on a mobile device. And it should be easy to understand and informative about the options and choices the users have. We have made recommendations based on past searches and deep product attribution. Our tech stack was quite simple and it was enough to build the MVP in a month: JavaScript, React Native and Redux.

We decided to upgrade the existing website from magento 1 to magento 2 with the aim of

  • Improving performance and scalability
  • Customer persuasion
  • A very powerful platform
  • Mobile friendly
  • Advanced SEO features for better reach
  • Customisable security features
  • Market place integration
  • Intelligent search optionsn
  • Limitless customization
  • Trasfered the data securely of customers, orders, products, subscribers, etc
  • Provided fully automated emails follow up for the customers
  • Added call for price functionality for quotable products
  • Added a module that allows wholesellers groups select a different payment method called credit linen