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Extension development and re-platforming of a magento 2 store for Kozoom.

49% ROI increased after our developers fine-tuned the front-end and back-end with standard coding, customized ERP extension, developed extension compatible with the store, Re-designed to make it user friendly and result oriented

  • Domain Billiard, Foosball & Magazine Store
  • Market USA
  • Duration 3 months
  • Services Magento 2, Replatforming, custom extension, Redesign
  • Technologies PHP, Magento 2
  • Team Project manager, Front-end developer, Back-end developer, QA, UI/UX expert
About The Project


Since 1998, Kozoom is involved in the promotion of billiards. After producing the PC Game Canal+ Classic Billiards and a DVD catalog, Kozoom focused its development on TV production, Live streaming and online store.

Kozoom.com is the most popular website dedicated to Carom Billiards with over 100,000 unique visitors per month from more than 50 different countries. Kozoom Intl. is the media and marketing rights holder of the Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB). The World cup circuit, the World Championships and all major international events are produced and Livestream by Kozoom.

The store that offers all you want

Key Features
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  1. Multi-store and Multi-language website
  2. Wavesoft ERP management system
  3. Trust Pilot API.
  4. Implementation of Sales report
  5. Out of stock product price notification feature
  6. Collision Shipping Feature with Multi-Language
  7. Export Customer script and extension
  8. Export Order script and extension
  9. Import Credit memo script and extension
  10. Import Order Status script and extension
  11. Import Shipment script and extension
  12. Import Stock script and extension
Other Features
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  1. Standardized code applied via Git
  2. Migrate M1 reward points to M2 using the custom script
  3. Data Migration
  4. Up gradation
  5. Reward points
  6. One step checkout


The task of Hire Magento Developer team was to develop an online store with front-end and back-end for his Magento 2 EE website for wavesoft ERP extension customization, trust pilot API extension, sales report management system for easy real-time update, user friendly design and easy navigation with fast loading with easy back-end management system. The software solution includes the following challenges that Hire Magento Developer took as an opportunity;

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  • Custom script and Magento compatible extension development for Export Customer, export orders, Import Credit
  • memo, Import Order Status, import shipments, Import Stock feature.
  • Keep the website running without any issues.
  • Wavesoft ERP implementation
  • Trust Pilot API.
  • A Multi-Website, Multi-Language, and Multi-Currency
  • Apply Code via GIT.
  • Data Migration issues

Our insight in this case

Our team understood the exact requirement, researched and analysed the clients industry and its core needs, trending design to make the client lead the industry and give wow feeling to its customers.

  • We have successfully developed the script and extension as per the project requirement for Export Customer, export orders, Import Credit memo, Import Order Status, Import Shipment and Import Stock feature
  • The client has got high level of satisfaction with our work
  • We have worked on the client’s cloud server as per his requirement without any data loss and kept monitoring the store so that it runs smoothly
  • The client was very happy with our custom feature developed extension, functionality, and customization that we have provided to him
  • We have successfully completed data migration and upgradation and fixed the issue that we have faced during runtime on up gradation and data migration
  • Our team customized the ERP extension as per the customers requirement
  • Added trust pilot API extension
  • Integrated sales report management system for real time update
  • Successfully migrated reward points
  • Redesigned the front-end and installed extensions that meets magento’s latest version
  • Built extension tailored to the clients business needs that allows export orders, import credit memo, import order status, import shipments, import stock script and magento compatible extensions.