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Magento support & maintenance

We provide end to end Magento support and maintenance services tailored for businesses of all sizes to accomplish their goals with Magento. We provide consistent Magento technical support from vital security patches to improving performance and updating product catalog, Magento API support, Magento payment support, Magento database support.

Engagement scenarios

If you are looking for the flawless navigation and smooth site operation for your recently migrated Magento store or existing Magento store without interrupting your ongoing store business operations or facing urgent site issues and seeking for an ad hoc support, Hire Magento developer stands with you.

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I need ongoing Magento support service for my Magento store Uninterrupted Ongoing Support

Our ongoing Magento support services include performance improvement, troubleshooting for technical issues, giving necessary Magento training to clients for future self-support and get a hold on it to manage smoothly.

Our experienced Magento support team leverages clients business objective, goals and marketing strategies, assures no interruption while performing ongoing support operations, give a clear weekly report on the completed work with the blueprint of the upcoming operations to be done, customize the ongoing support service to prevent any interruption and loss.

I need emergency support for my Magento store

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Ad hoc Magento support

No matter if you have not got your store build up with us, HMD offers emergency Magento store support when your store's success is at stake and no one is there to help you.

We have highly experienced dedicated Magento developers ready to provide urgent assistance with better communication whenever you ask for, understand the severity of the issue, coordinate with you, analyze the store, its problem fix the issue in no time, and help you get your store back on track.

Relying on HMD for maintenance and support assures you:

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    Get dedicated full technical assistance preventing bugs and error and keeping it up to date.

  • A team of superheroes

    Get hold on full-time dedicated resources that empower you to get assistance on demand whenever you need without wasting valuable time searching for Magento developers.

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    Get to see no downtime to your store relying on the HMD professionals.

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    Get help in recovering your store data and important stuff in case of a disaster or cyber attack.

Flexible support tiers

Every business has a unique concept, different objective, and vision. We don’t have any fixed or multiple plans however we offer 2 flexible support tiers model depending on your Magento store setup, current infrastructure, and your risk factor.

8/5 24/7
Availability Business hours Round the clock
Rate 1x 2x
Availability fee 2x 3x
primary response time 1 business day 15 minutes
First status update 1 business day 60 minutes
contact medium email and IMs As you want

Magento support tiers

Be it HMD or third-party, whoever has developed the store, we provide myriad size Magento support to strong-arm on your business and customer retention.

  • An emergency response unit

    Size 1 support

    Fundamental troubleshooting and primary response

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    Size 2 support

    Making user experience unforgettable by fixing any critical store issues that include store navigation or ordering product.

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    Size 3 support

    An additional support to streamline your store business with code optimization, custom Magento development, and source code issue resolution.

Keeping Magento
up to date

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Magento updates

We follow the keen checklist and proven techniques to upgrade your Magento store to the latest version that prevents you from any bugs or security threats. We take pride in our Magento upgrade service as it enables our client's store to perform better, delivers alluring user experience, latest security patches, code enhancements, add new functions and features.

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Extension updates

We fix the issues, update and install existing or customized Magento extensions if they are not compatible with the updated Magento version to keep your store continue enjoying product inventory management, multi-store support, manage sales and orders, inventory transaction log management, inventory update push notifications.

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Theme updates

We conduct a test to check if the existing theme performance if up to date and compatible with the recently launched Magento update. If not, we help you in finding the new compatible theme or make necessary fixes to the theme, update and install in your store, and empowers it to become user-friendly, reflect the professional look, attract visitors, and helps your business become brand and gain value.

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Server updates

HMD renders full-spectrum of server update services where we understand the importance and essence of current store environment to which we clone to prevent any loss and carry out the server update activity to help businesses deal with latest configurations, update the operating system, install patches and seamlessly switch to the new system in the background without interrupting your business operations.


Downtime of your store means revenue loss, malware attacks mean spoiled reputation which any store can experience without store monitoring.

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HMD renders 24/7 Magento store monitoring service that leverages availability, SEO metrics, store performance, theme, extensions, track all the errors, receives any error about an unusual case in the store, enables you to have total access to your store and fix the issues whenever they are prompted.

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Full-page monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Update monitoring
  • SEO ranking monitoring
  • API monitoring

Migration support

We put extra effort and attention when you want your store to be migrated from an older Magento version to the latest Magento 2 version to offer you uninterrupted services assuring all your store operation performing as it needs to be.

Performance optimization

Our Magento 2 performance optimization services help all business sizes gain benefits of improving their store performance, drive more traffic, boost conversion, and increase revenue.

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Our professionals possess extensive knowledge of the Magento platform where they strive hard to discover the actual reason behind the poor store performance, conduct audit, analyze with the current and past performance, get to the problem killer solution, implement it to make your store perform like a rock star.

Our Magento performance optimization and consultancy services offer:

  • Choosing the right Magento hosting and updating your server environment
  • Removing the incompatible extensions
  • Finding, fixing and making poorly performing extension compatible with your store
  • Refactoring the codes of custom Magento extension, paid extension or of third-party

Business continuity enablement

HMD helps you identify, build, and implement an effective disaster recovery plan for Magento stores, to recover data, clone the environment weekly in case of natural disaster or cyber-attacks.

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I need to change my current Magento support provider

Third-party Magento support takeover

when you don’t have an option and are non-techie, its recommended to stick and continue with your current third-party Magento support provider.

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Now, as you found us, HMD with 11+ years of experience in the field holds professionals with extensive knowledge who can help you takeover your total third-party Magento support right from access handover, remedy activities, knowledge transfer, and data transfer to ongoing Magento maintenance services to streamline your store and its business process.

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1. Handover

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Access transfer
  • Code analysis
  • Documentation audit
  • Functional testing
  • Performance audit

2. Remedy

  • Documentation replenishment
  • Code refactoring
  • Hot fixes
  • Performance optimization
  • Improvement planning

3. Ongoing support

  • Monitoring
  • Feature development
  • Scheduled & on-demand updates
  • Search engine optimization
  • Facelifting