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Magento Integration

We leverage the power of the Magento 2 integration, renders full Magento integration services and seamlessly connect your Magento store with ERPs, third-party tools and APIs, custom-built apps, payment systems, Linn works multi-channel management software, billing data, customers inventory, fulfillment or to your chosen business system either internal or external we assure your integration solution covers all and helps in streamlining and speeding up the business process.

Magento integration with third-party services

Be it APIs integration, CMS integration, SMS gateway, marketing automation systems, payment gateways integration, shipment integrators, commerce analytics, real-time update, synchronizations among Magento stores and accounts, social networks validation without manual data entry, automizing your store Hire Magento Developer can help you to streamline your business process easily through its Magento integration with 3rd party applications.

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We carry out the integration process after understanding the business objective, its operations, and its requirements.

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Ready-made Magento integration extensions

Our engineers can help you in finding the ready-made Magento integration extensions from the marketplace that is compatible and suitable to your store and Magento integration needs.

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Magento integration extension customization

It often happens when the ready-made extension is not fully compatible with your store. We can customize the ready-made extension tailored to your store's needs and ensure it is compatible and meets the Magento 2 core standard.

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Custom integration extensions

We help you in building custom Magento extensions from scratch tailored to your stores need that has a completely unique requirement that cannot be fulfilled from the ready-made Magento integration extensions.

Managing Magento through web API

We leverage Magento web APIs to operate numerous services with a single call that enables you to catalog, product, stock item, media gallery, enterprise objectives, product inventory, and media, creating a shopping app and makes mobile apps, desktop, server, and server-side apps and web access with Magento.

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Experts say that 78% of the store owners find bugs in the store and unwantedly live with issues such as security, performance, unclear dull documentation, compatibility, and scalability after Magento integration.

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Store Evaluation

We first carry out the disciplined research of your store, understand the business objective, determine solutions to business problems which may consist of process improvement, organizational change (ready-made customization) or custom integration solution, we suggest cost-effective solution prior to your Magento store development.

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Audit & review

We Audit and review with the purpose of identifying and recommending the solution towards any issues found with internal control design, functionalities discrepancies, integration-driven conflicts, efficiency and security protocols, and development process.

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Refactoring & improvement

We refactor your self-chosen existing extension, ready-made extensions or custom Magento extension with the intension of improving the design, structure, restructure the existing body of code, compatibility, performance, security while preserving its functionality.

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Reverse engineering

We carry out reverse engineering to recover lost information, to identify the side-effects, to enhance the overall comprehensibility by understanding the code of existing Magento integration solution, and to reconstruct it to add functionalities.

POS integration

We integrate existing or design and develop Magento 2 POS extension tailored to your magneto store requirement to help your staff manage the store, can check availability of goods in real-time scanning the barcode, takes order by cash or card. We help you get full control and manage the sales process easily to automate and streamline the business process.

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We enable bidirectional automated flow of orders and customers between any POS system and Magento to streamline business processes and automate routine.

Marketplace integration

Hire Magento Developer can help you reach to wider customer base by integrating Magento across multiple marketplaces, give your brand recognition, introduce new sellers, and adding experience of unbelievable revenue.

Our Magento marketplace integration solution offers a single dashboard for all marketplaces with a complete overview of your business and managing orders from multiple marketplaces at a single dashboard.

Payment gateway integration

When you do online business, you have a wide array of audiences to cover and give a satisfactory tour navigating from visiting your site to ordering products. Considering 193 countries PayPal or Braintree won’t be enough and may result in losing sales.

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We have a large experience in integrating a variety of payment gateways that allows you to authorize or cancel payment, block, accept/withdraw, or return/refund customer on your choice. We can help you in integrating Paypal, Skrill, Yandex money, 2checkout, Authorize.Net, Viveum, WorldPay, Stripe, and more using Magento payment provider gateway.