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Magento extension

Our Magento extension development and customization services render a full spectrum of developing extensions from the scratch with unique functionality for maximum performance or if your storage needs aren’t met with the existing 5660 extensions from native Magento platform, our Magento extension development expert can custom an extension based on your business requirement, add marvelous features that transform your eCommerce site into a powerful selling engine.

Commercial and Proprietar magento extension development

We have developed 150+ Magento extension without altering the core files supported in all Magento versions oldest to latest for different industry domains with unique features and functions missing in the ready-made or in the marketplace that helps you to enable personalization of your business stick to your aim.

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I need to develop an extension for sale

Commercial extension development

We convert conceptual ideas into feature-rich commercial Magento extensions and deliver after trying, testing, and making it bug-free and compliant with Magento's extension quality program to sell on Magento marketplace.

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I want custom features and functions for my existing store

Proprietary extension development

We hear, analyze, research, and help store owners with the custom Magento development needs, craft their perception, re-architect their business, bring back their objective back on track by improving customer user experience, and adding required unique functionalities.

Magento Extension Customization

When your unique needs aren’t met by an existing extension? When you don’t find your desired features in the extensions available in the Magento platform? When you are stuck with the unproductive extension developed by the third-party vendor and when you feel having Custom Magento development services, our Magento extension development expert can custom, extend, add features and modify their existing functionality expertly tailored to your needs.

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While customizing extension, we make sure extension retain efficient coding standard, blend with your business objective, easy to navigate, enhances the store functionalities, and of course the Magento's core as well.

Compatibility Enablement

80% store owners and commercial extension sellers are experiencing the compatibility issues with ready-made 5660 extensions available in the Magento platform and themes built by third-party vendors.

HMD ensures that the themes and extensions are consistent with your store and serve the purpose.

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My extensions fail to work with one another

Cross-extension compatibility

We help you in analyzing the real problem, it could be the same functionality, same classes, default functionality that makes one extension overrides the other and fail to work. We fix any number of problems you experience and ensure cross-extension compatibility with our agile Magento extension compatibility check process.

Whether they extend the same classes, duplicate the same functionality, or affect the same files in your Magento installation, we can help you out by modifying the two (or three, or as many as you’re experiencing problems with) to ensure their cross-compatibility.

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My extensions are not displaying well or at all

Theme & extension compatibility

Extensions do not get displayed partially or fully due to the custom Magento theme installation, poor or ready-made theme installation which might have new functionalities overrides the existing one. We help you in making theme and extensions compatible by modifying extensions, make required changes in the back-end part to better understand the functionality and make it compatible.

Whether it is because theme installation has introduced new functionality, modified the existing one, or rendered extension files inaccessible, we can help you out by modifying the extensions in question in a way so that they understand the functionality or the layout of the newly installed theme.

Extension Refactoring

We have 78% of the eCommerce business owners complaining about poor performance, slow loading, missing functionality, compatibility issue and we found it all with the ready-made extension purchased from the Magento platform or customized by any of the third-party vendors.

Are you the one facing the same issues? We got a solution for you, no matter if your extension is not responding, fails to work, requires performance optimization, or produces error the solution is to refactoring it and we can help you and release your burden by refactoring it.

Functionality Merge

Do you remember any of the extensions from 5660 available in the Magento marketplace for sale have all the desired features you want or are compatible with another extension? We have got tons of inquiries asking for the dream extension that has the functionality of 2 or more extensions in one.

The re-architected webstore left to achieve the below-mentioned challenging goals:

  • Hand adding a spoiler to a lego car

    Adding the missing features and functions to the most used extensions

  • Hand putting a lego brick on top of two other bricks

    Developing the 3rd extension that integrates and incorporates with the functionalities of the existing two

Conversion to extension

Hire Magento Developers to extract the existing code from the Magento's core to prevent any in case of loss from hard-coded custom functionalities and muffles into another working extension.

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Extension Design

We know few phenomenal developers are good at design but they cannot develop every extension.

Many ready-made extensions, the third party customized commercial extensions have irrelated business logic, unfriendly design, and poor performance which results in users running for help and expert services to better understand the behavior, functionality and get fixed the layouts. We got many DRY inquiries and we feel each of them.

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Design from scratch

Hire Magento Developers and UX professionals help vendors in custom responsive Magento theme design services that stick to its business objective, maintains usable and user-friendly design for proprietary and commercial Magento extensions.

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Revamp & stylization

We help the store owners in redesigning the UI of the existing extension improving the look-and-feel, makes it compatible with the theme that impacts negatively on displaying extension when installed.

Extension migration

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    Data migration

    We build custom scripts to make the critical data migrating task risk-free and smooth and enable us to migrate the data from the existing Magento 1 extension to the Magento 2 version of the extension.

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    Functionality migration

    We take it extra sincere when it comes to transferring the data or functionalities. To prevent any loss while migrating from Magento 1 to 2, we help our customers in installing their counterparts on the new store, advise and help them in retaining the functions of their existing extension, or in the worst case, we even replicate the functionalities.

Extension audit

Hire Magento Developers Audit Magento extensions, extension audits services include installed Magento extensions audit, Magento store audit, marketplace extension installation, Magento core integrity review, code audit to help you get actionable insights, identify security loopholes and make your website productive for you and your customers.

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    Custom extension development

  • Hands pouring sauce into a hamburger

    Marketplace extension refinement

  • Chef decorating a steak

    Marketplace extension installation

Why Choose us for Magento Extension development

By entrusting Hire Magento Developer with extension development services, you receive the following benefits:

  • Committed to success
  • Professional Developers
  • Transparent and on-time delivery
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • You get source code ownership
  • Employ only skilled UI/UX experts
  • Solid 10+ multi-industry domain expertise
  • Follow Industry Trends
  • 24/7 support and maintenance

We’re Partners of Extension Builders

During the years we’ve become partners with renowned Magento Extension Builders, which entails a set of benefits for our customers.

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    Magento Premier and Select Extension Builders entrust us with the delivery of customizations to their extensions, meaning that our work is held to an exceptionally high standard.

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    We have immediate access to professional first-hand advice from extension builders themselves, meaning that we can make informed decisions when introducing changes to their extensions.